Laser treatment

The ELVeS®️ Radial®️ Laser Procedure for Varicose Vein Treatment

In the minimally invasive ELVeS® Radial® laser therapy, the treating physician gently inserts a light guide, the ELVeS® Radial® probe, into the varicose vein through a small puncture site. Then, laser light is emitted through the probe in a targeted and all-around (“radial”) manner. As the probe is withdrawn, the vein is sealed, similar to a zipper. The surrounding healthy tissue is maximally preserved. In most cases, general anesthesia is not necessary; only minimal local anesthesia is required. A hospital stay is also not necessary in most cases.  

Both during and after the treatment, patients experience little or no discomfort, and the desired result is immediately visible after the procedure. The tiny incision also means that no larger scars are to be expected. The recovery time is short, and patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the ELVeS® Radial® treatment.

The minimally invasive treatment with ELVeS® Radial® laser therapy is particularly suitable for high-risk patients (e.g., those taking blood thinners) because the heat from the laser directly closes the varicose vein and automatically stops bleeding. Additionally, the risk associated with general anesthesia is eliminated. 


Varicose veins are best treated as early as possible.

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