Prevent Varicose veins

Prevention of varicose veins

Although not all risk factors for varicose veins can be avoided, changes in your lifestyle will help improve vein health, slow the progression of varicose vein disease, and provide some much-needed symptom relief. Below is what you can do yourself to change your daily habits to prevent varicose veins.

Exercise promotes healthy blood circulation. Even simple walking can do wonders for your veins.

A fiber-rich diet with low salt, processed foods, and low sugar can improve venous health.

Change position
Avoid remaining seated or standing for too long. Change positions more frequently.

Elevate your legs
Elevating your legs above your heart helps blood circulate through your veins by relieving pressure and stress.

Compression stockings
They help support blood flow while reducing pressure in the veins. They relieve common varicose vein symptoms such as pain and swelling.


Varicose veins are best treated as early as possible.

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Preventing varicose veins: You should pay attention to this

Yes, for example, with a healthy lifestyle: Besides a balanced diet, you should drink enough fluids daily and ensure regular exercise. Walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, or gymnastics not only help to lose excess weight but also activate blood circulation and thus the work of the veins.

You should avoid standing and sitting for long periods at work as much as possible. Here it is advisable to take short breaks regularly, do foot exercises, or put your legs up to make it easier for the veins in your legs to return blood. Wear loose clothing, comfortable, flat shoes, and maybe even compression stockings.

In summer, the blood vessels dilate to help the body cool down. However, this increases the back pressure in already weakened veins. To support these veins, you can regularly shower your legs with cool water, so the veins narrow and the blood flows faster.

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • If you suspect a minor varicose vein, please see a doctor immediately!
  • Please take the preventive measures to heart so that no suspicion arises in the first place and you feel entirely at ease!

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